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Contributeurs actuels

  • Antony Adshead

    Storage Editor

    Antony Adshead is the Storage editor at Computer Weekly.

  • Antony Adshead

    Storage Editor

    Antony Adshead est chef de rubrique stockage pour le magazine informatique anglais Computer Weekly, la publication soeur londonienne du MagIT.

  • Jawad Akhtar

    Logistics and SCM expert

    Jawad Akhtar is an SAP logistics and supply chain management (SCM) expert with a focus on business sales and delivery.

  • Jason Andersen

    Stratus Technologies

    Jason Andersen is vice president of business line management at Stratus Technologies.

  • Christian Annesley

    Christian has been writing about enterprise technology for more than a decade, with a particular interest in the human challenge of ensuring tech is solving the right problems in the best possible way for individuals and organisations

  • Jon Arnold

    J Arnold & Associates

    Jon Arnold is Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent telecom analyst and marketing consultancy with a focus on IP communications.

  • Warwick Ashford

    Security Editor

    Warwick Ashford is Security Editor at Computer Weekly.

  • Jasper Bakker

  • Ethan Banks

    Packet Pushers Interactive

  • Christophe Bardy

    Responsable infrastructures

    Christophe a commencé sa carrière comme chef de projets informatiques. il est aujourd'hui en charge des sujets d'infrastructures pour LeMagIT. Il pilote aussi l'e-zine STORAGE, destiné aux spécialistes du stockage de données. Christophe est Titulaire d'un DEA de génie Industriel de l'INPG et diplômé du programme grandes écoles (ex-DESCAF) de Grenoble EM. Depuis 1999, il est basé en Provence au pied de la Sainte Beaume, à Gémenos. Christophe Twitte modérément sous l'identifiants @storage_fr

  • Rob Bastiaansen

  • Kevin Beaver

    Principle Logic, LLC

    Kevin Beaver is an information security consultant, writer, professional, speaker and expert witness with Atlanta-based Principle Logic LLC.

  • Eric Beehler

    Consortio Services

    Eric Beehler is co-owner of Consortio Services.

  • Andrew Bennett

    Schneider Electric

    Andrew Bennet is senior vice president of EcoStruxure IoT, North American Operations, at Schneider Electric.

  • Allen Bernard

    Freelance writer Allen Bernard has written about business and technology since the late 1990s. He's written for numerous magazines and websites.

  • Sébastien Bernard


  • Adam Bertram

  • Laurent Besset


  • Mark Betz

    Mark Betz is a senior software developer with over 20 years of experience deploying applications and is a contributing writer for TechTarget websites.

  • Stephen J. Bigelow

    Senior Technology Editor

  • Stephen J. Bigelow

    Senior Technology Editor

    Stephen J. Bigelow, senior technology editor in the Data Center and Virtualization media group, has more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the PC/technology industry.

  • Gérôme Billois


  • Todd Biske

    Todd Biske is an enterprise architect with a global publishing company. He writes a blog about BPM and SOA and is the author of SOA Governance from PackT publishing. Areas of expertise: Enterprise architecture, SOA strategy, BMP and BPMN.

  • Garry L. Bloom


    Gary Bloom est Président Directeur Général (CEO) et président du Conseil d’Administration de MarkLogic depuis 2012.

  • Geoffrey Bock

    Bock & Company

    Geoffrey Bock advises organizations and government agencies on Web content management system, customer engagement, mobile and information technologies.

  • Toni Boger

    Associate Site Editor

    Toni Boger is the associate site editor for and

  • Bridget Botelho

    Editorial Director

    Bridget Botelho joined TechTarget as a reporter in 2007 and has covered a variety of technologies and IT industry trends.

  • Mary Brandel

    Mary Brandel is a writer and editor, focusing on business-tech and IT career issues. She lives in Newton, Mass., and can be reached at

  • Michael Brandenburg

    Frost & Sullivan

    Michael Brandenburg is an industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan, covering infrastructure and unified communications with the information and communications Technologies group.

  • Adrian Bridgwater

  • Dan Brinkmann

    Dan Brinkmann is a VMware vExpert 2012 and a senior sales engineer in Denver, Colorado. He contributes tips to

  • Rodney Brown

    Senior Site Editor

    Rodney Brown is the senior site editor for SearchStorage.

  • Jason Buffington

    Enterprise Strategy Group

    Jason Buffington (@JBuff) est analyste en chef chargé de la protection, de la préservation et de la disponibilité des données chez Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

  • Jason Buffington

    Enterprise Strategy Group

    Jason Buffington, a senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group, is a backup expert and frequent contributor to Storage magazine and

  • John Burke

    Nemertes Research

    John Burke is CIO and principal research analyst with Nemertes Research. With nearly two decades of technology experience, he has worked at all levels of IT, including end-user support specialist, programmer, system administrator, database specialist, network administrator, network architect and systems architect.

  • John Burke

    Nemertes Research

    John Burke est le CIO principal analyste du cabinet Nemertes Research. Fort de plus de deux décennies d'expertise dans le secteur high-tech, Il a travaillé à tous les niveaux de l'IT comme ingénieur support, développeur, administrateur système, DBA, administrateur réseau et architecte système.

  • Ed Burns

    Site Editor

    Site editor Ed Burns manages editorial content and writes news and feature stories for SearchEnterpriseAI, covering AI, machine learning, deep learning and related topics.

  • Stuart Burns


    Stuart Burns is a virtualization and Linux expert at a Fortune 500 company.

  • Jeff Carr

    Ultra Consultants

    Jeff Carr is founder and CEO of Ultra Consultants, advisors, researchers and consultants serving the manufacturing and distribution industries.

  • Brad Casey

    Brad Casey holds an MS from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and has experience in penetration testing, public key infrastructure, Voice over IP (VoIP) and network packet analysis.

  • Rich Castagna

    Vice President of Editorial

    As editorial director of TechTarget's Storage media group, Rich oversees content for Storage magazine,,,,,, and the Storage Decisions conferences.

  • David Castaneira

    Directeur des opérations

  • Sophy Caulier

  • Stéphanie Chaptal

  • Cyrille Chausson

    Rédacteur en Chef

  • Ericka Chickowski

    Ericka Chickowski specializes in coverage of information technology and business innovation.

  • Reda Chouffani

    Biz Technology Solutions

  • Fred Churchville


    Fred Churchville is an associate editor for

  • Alain Clapaud

  • Philip Clarke

    Nemertes Research

  • Jason Cline

    GE Digital

    Jason Cline is the CTO of APM at GE Digital.

  • Michael Cobb

    Michael Cobb , CISSP-ISSAP is a renowned security author with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

  • Jeff Cogswell

    Cogsmedia Training & Consulting

    Jeff Cogswell is a software engineer, author and training consultant for Web developers and consultants. He writes about cloud computing technologies.

  • François Cointe


  • Eric Cole

    SANS Institute

  • Marissa Comeau

    Associate Site Editor

    Marissa Comeau is the associate site editor for SearchVMware.

  • Alastair Cooke

    Alastair Cooke est un formateur indépendant, consultant et blogueur spécialisé dans la virtualisation de serveurs et de postes de travail.

  • Meredith Courtemanche

    Site Editor

  • Paul Crocetti


    Paul Crocetti est le responsable éditorial des sites SearchDisasterRecovery et SearchDataBackup au sein de la division médias stockage de TechTarget.

  • Paul Crocetti


    Paul Crocetti is senior site editor of SearchDisasterRecovery and SearchDataBackup in TechTarget's Storage media group.

  • George Crump

    Storage Switzerland

    George Crump is president of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments.

  • Jonathan Dame

    News writer

    Jonathan Dame worked as a reporter for weekly and daily newspapers in Massachusetts before joining TechTarget as a news writer.

  • Evan Dardano

    Boston-based freelance writer and editor.

  • Erin Darling

    Site Editor

    Erin Darling is the site editor for SearchMobileComputing.

  • Matthew David

    Kimberly Clarke

    Matthew is the leader for Kimberly-Clark's Mobile Center of Excellence and is responsible for establishing and enabling an agile and responsive vision and roadmap for the next generation of mobile application capabilities across the enterprise. He previously led the Mobile and Digital Innovation team at Lochbridge to develop solutions such as the GM OnStar program, Dole Fresh Fruit’s Digital Transformation, and led the Mobile Center of Excellence to deliver solutions that run on iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerry and Windows’ devices.

  • David Davis

  • Caroline Donnelly

    Datacentre Editor

    Caroline Donnelly is the datacentre editor at Computer Weekly, and joined the site in March 2015. Her beats include datacentre, cloud and virtualisation technologies, and finding out all about the end users deploying them.

  • Caroline Donnelly

    Datacentre Editor

    Caroline Donnelly est en charge de la rubrique datacenter pour Computer Weekly depuis Mars 2015. Elle couvre notamment les domaines du datacentre, du cloud et de la virtualisation.

  • Pete Downing


    Pete Downing is the chief marketing technology officer at XenTegra, and has over 20 years of software and IT experience.

  • Lee Doyle

    Doyle Research

  • Manek Dubash

    Manek Dubash is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience.

  • Philippe Ducellier


  • Loic Duval

  • Alan R. Earls

  • Alan R. Earls

    Alan R. Earls is a freelance writer focused on business and technology.

  • Ramin Edmond

    News Writer

    Ramin Edmond is a news writer for TechTarget covering enterprise mobility. Email him at or follow him @TheRealRamin.

  • Zach Emmanuel

    Computer Weekly

    Zach Emmanuel is a reporter for Computer Weekly and MicroScope.

  • David Essex


  • Chris Evans

    Chris Evans has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years. After receiving a BSc (Hons) in computational science and mathematics from the University of Leeds, England, his early IT career started in the mainframe arena and continued to storage and systems programming paths.

  • Chris Evans

    Chris Evans est un consultant indépendant et travaille pour la société de conseil britannique Langton Blue. Chris Evans travaille dans l'industrie IT depuis 25 ans. Il a un diplôme d'informatique et de mathématique de l'Université de Leeds et a commencé sa carrière dans le monde du Mainframe avant de se spécialiser dans le monde du stockage et des systèmes.

  • Lis Evenstad

    Lis Evenstad is the management editor at Computer Weekly, and joined the site in August 2015. Her beats include public sector and CIOs, and she has a particular interest in healthcare IT.

  • Basit Farooq

    Medical Protection Society (MPS)

  • Mark Feffer

    HR Technology Writer

    Mark Feffer is an independent writer and journalist who covers HR, analytics and related technologies.

  • Katherine Finnell

    Site Editor

    Katherine is a site editor in the Networking media group, working on

  • Karl Flinders

    Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly

  • Karl Flinders

    Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly

  • Zachary Flower

    Freelance web developer and writer

    Zachary Flower is a freelance web developer with a need for usability. His background includes building projects and features for the National Security Agency and others.

  • Don Fluckinger

    Executive Editor

    Don Fluckinger is the Executive Editor of SearchCRM, SearchContentManagement and SearchSalesforce.

  • Andrew Froehlich

    West Gate Networks

  • Gilles Garnier

    Harmonie Technologie

  • Josh Garrett


    Josh Garrett is president and co-founder at MOBI.

  • Robert Gates

    News writer

    Robert Gates is a news writer for TechTarget's Data Center and Virtualization Media Group. He covers data centers, data center strategies, server technologies, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure and open source operating systems for SearchDataCenter.

  • Dina Gerdeman

    Dina Gerdeman is a Boston-area-based freelance writer and editor covering business news and features.

  • Bryan Glick

    Editor in chief

    Bryan is editor in chief of Computer Weekly, responsible for managing and developing the team producing all Computer Weekly editorial content.

  • Jack Gold

    J.Gold Associates, LLC.

    Jack Gold is Founder and President at J. Gold Associates, LLC.

  • Jack E. Gold

    J. Gold Associates LLC

    Jack E. Gold is founder and principal analyst at J.Gold Associates LLC.

  • Antone Gonsalves

    Director of News

  • Antone Gonsalves

    Director of News

    Antone Gonsalves is news director in the Networking media group, working on

  • Steve Goodman

    Ciber UK

  • Bill Goodwin

    Computer Weekly

    Bill Goodwin is Computer Weekly's premium content editor. He is an award-winning journalist, who has written for national newspapers, magazines and has worked as a researcher on investigative television documentaries.

  • Ann Grackin

    ChainLink Research

  • Joseph Granneman

  • Julie Grassin

    Harmonie Technologie

  • Jeremy Green

    Machina Research

    Jeremy Green is a principal analyst at Machina Research.

  • Michael Gregg

    Superior Solutions, Inc.

  • Andy Grogan

    Andy Grogan, an Exchange MVP based in the U.K., has worked in the IT industry for the last 14 years -- primarily with Microsoft, HP and IBM technologies. His main passion is Exchange Server, but he also specializes in Active Directory, SQL Server and storage solutions.

  • Jacob Gsoedl

    Jacob Gsoedl is a freelance writer focusing on data storage and a vice president of IT applications with extensive experience with IT infrastructure and business applications.

  • Dean Hamilton


    Dean Hamilton is the general manager of the service enablement business unit of Accelerite.

  • Jim Handy

    Objective Analysis

    Jim Handy is a semiconductor and SSD analyst at Objective Analysis in Los Gatos, Calif.

  • Jo Harder

    Jo Harder has been involved with virtualization for over 19 years. She focuses on Citrix virtualization solutions and has been a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) for four years.

  • Laurence Hart


    Laurence Hart is an information professional with more than 20 years of experience. He is director at TeraThink.

  • Jonathan Hassell

    82 Ventures LLC

    Jonathan Hassell is an author, consultant and speaker, and has a strong background in Windows Vista.

  • Jonathan Hassell

    The Sun Valley Group, Inc.

  • Andy Hayler

    Information Difference

    Andy is an established software industry authority, an independent strategy consultant advising corporations, venture capital firms and software companies.

  • Beverley Head

  • Michael Heller

    Senior Reporter

    Michael Heller is a senior reporter for SearchSecurity covering breaking information security news, industry analysis and product strategy.

  • Jason Helmick

    Concentrated Tech

    Jason Helmick is a 25-year IT veteran and currently the senior technologist at Concentrated Tech.

  • Christopher Heun

    Christopher Heun is a freelance writer and former editor at InformationWeek.

  • Matt Heusser

    Excelon Development

  • Sue Hildreth

    Sue Hildreth is the former Executive Editor of and a contributor to several TechTarget sites.

  • Brian Holak

    Associate Site Editor

    Brian Holak is an assistant site editor for SearchCIO and SearchCompliance. He works on social media, tweet chats, essential guides and slideshows.

  • T.J. Houpes

    Content strategist

    Products Editor, TechTarget

  • Tom Howarth


  • Adam Hughes

    Site Editor

    Adam Hughes was site editor for TechTarget's SearchOracle and SearchSQLServer websites.

  • Diana Hwang

    Senior News Writer

  • Alissa Irei

    Senior Writer

    Alissa Irei is a senior writer in TechTarget's Networking Media Group. Previously, Irei was the features and e-zine editor of 'Network Evolution.' Irei was site editor for SearchSDN.

  • David Jacobs

    The Jacobs Group

  • Ethan Jewett

    Coredatra LLC

    Ethan Jewett is the owner and consultant of Coredatra LLC. He focuses on business intelligence, information management and performance management and works with clients on data management and performance management tools.

  • Alan Joch

  • Johna Till Johnson

    Nemertes Research

  • Kyle Johnson

    Site Editor

    Kyle Johnson is the newest Site Editor for

  • Trevor Jones

    Site Editor

  • Thomas Joos

    Thomas Joos beschäftigt sich sein ganzes Berufsleben mit der IT.

  • Ron Karjian

    Managing Editor

    Ron Karjian is the managing editor of e-publications in TechTarget's Business Applications Media Group, including 'Business Information' and 'Pulse.'

  • Jeff Kato

    Taneja Group Inc.

    Jeff Kato is a senior storage analyst at Taneja Group Inc. in Hopkinton, Mass. He focuses on converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, as well as primary storage.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Infostructure Associates

  • Eric Kimberling

    Panorama Consulting Solutions

    Eric Kimberling is a managing partner at Panorama Consulting Solutions, where he helps organizations with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects.

  • Mak King

    Mak King has been in IT for over 15 years, today in virtualization, scripting and n-tier support. He has CNE, MCP, iNet and VCP certifications.

  • Brian Kirsch

    Milwaukee Area Technical College

    Brian Kirsch is an IT architect and instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College. He has been in IT for over 20 years and holds many certifications.

  • Paul Kirvan

  • Eric Klein

    VDC Research

  • Kristin Knapp

    Senior Site Editor

    Kristin Knapp is site editor for SearchCloudComputing.

  • Scott Koegler

    Revelationship Inc.

    Scott Koegler is a technology journalist with 20 years of experience writing about business, computing and technology topics.

  • Paul Korzeniowski

  • Paul Korzeniowski

    Paul Korzeniowski is a freelance writer and leading industry voice with more than 10,000 articles published.

  • Matt Kosht

    Matt Kosht is an IT manager at a Michigan utility company.

  • Garry Kranz

    Staff Writer

  • Suraj Kumar


    Suraj Kumar is General Manager for Axway Platform as a Service.

  • Mark Labbe

    News Writer

    Mark Labbe covers topics that include business intelligence, analytics and AI technologies for SearchBusinessAnalytics and SearchEnterpriseAI.

  • John Ladley

    First San Francisco Partners

    John Ladley is a business technology thought leader and recognized enterprise information management authority.

  • Adrian Lane


  • Nicole Laskowski

    Senior News Writer

    Nicole Laskowski is a senior news writer for She covers CIO strategies for analytics, business intelligence and data management.

  • George Lawton

    George Lawton is a journalist based near San Francisco, Calif. Over the last 15 years he has written over 2,000 stories for publications about computers, communications, knowledge management, business, health and other areas which interest him.

  • Irwin Lazar

    Nemertes Research

    Irwin Lazar is the vice president and service director at Nemertes Research, where he develops and manages research projects, develops cost models, conducts strategic seminars and advises clients. Irwin is responsible for benchmarking the adoption and use of emerging technologies in the enterprise in areas including VoIP, unified communications, video conferencing, social computing, collaboration and advanced network services.

  • Damien Lecan

    Space Elephant

    Damien Lecan est CTO de Space Elephant, une start-up spécialisée dans la démocratisation des usages réels liés aux blockchains qu'il a co-fondée après huit années passées chez SQLI

  • Sonia Lelii

    Senior News Writer

    Sonia R. Lelii has more than 10 years experience in the technology industry, both as a storage journalist and as an analyst.

  • Robert Lemos

    Robert Lemos is an award-winning technology journalist who has reported on computer security and cybercrime for more than 20 years.

  • Tsahi Levent-Levi

    Tsahi Levent-Levi is an analyst and consultant for WebRTC with 15 years of experience in the telecommunications, VoIP and 3G industries.

  • Nick Lewis

    Information security threats expert Nick Lewis is standing by to help you defend your organization from attacks.

  • Ahmed Limam

  • Rowena Lindsay

    Associate site editor

    Rowena Lindsay is an associate site editor for SearchCRM, SearchSalesforce and SearchContentManagement.

  • David Linthicum

    Cloud expert

    David Linthicum is a cloud expert who writes about cloud management, among other topics.

  • Tony Lock

    Freeform Dynamics

    Tony Lock is an IT operations guru. As an ex-IT manager with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, his extensive vendor briefing agenda makes him one of the most well informed analysts in the industry.

  • Eddie Lockhart

    Site Editor

    Eddie Lockhart is the Site Editor for and

  • Clive Longbottom


  • David Loshin

    Knowledge Integrity Inc.

  • Peter Loshin

    Site Editor

    Before joining TechTarget, Peter Loshin was a technical editor at BYTE Magazine, a freelance writer and a former TCP/IP network engineer.

  • Jack Madden

    Executive Editor

    Jack Madden is the Executive Editor at and writes about everything related to desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management.

  • Valéry Marchive

    Rédacteur en chef adjoint

  • Kurt Marko


    Kurt Marko is an engineer and technologist who designs and builds digital systems at varied scales.

  • Luke Marson

    Luke Marson is a chief cloud HCM architect who runs the SuccessFactors business at an IT consulting and software vendor.

  • Nick Martin

    Associate Editorial Director

    Nick Martin is Associate Editorial Director for the Data Center and End User Computing media group

  • Mike Matchett

    Small World Big Data

    Mike Matchett is principal IT industry analyst at Small World Big Data.

  • Craig Mathias

    Farpoint Group

  • Dave McCarthy

    Bsquare Corporation

    Dave McCarthy is a senior director of products at Bsquare Corporation.

  • Robert McFarlane

    Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC

  • Robert McFarlane

    Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC

  • Shamus McGillicuddy

    Director of News and Features

  • Brian McKenna

    ComputerWeekly (groupe Techtarget)

    Brian couvre les thèmes de la gestion de l'information et des logiciels d'entreprise pour ComputerWeekly (groupe TechTarget, également propriétaire du MagIT)

  • Cameron McKenzie


  • Rob McShinsky

    Rob McShinsky is a senior systems engineer at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry -- including a focus on server virtualization since 2004.

  • Sébastien Mesnard


  • Dave Michels

    Buffalo Communications

    Dave Michels has 30 years of hands-on experience in telecom. As president of Buffalo Communications, Michels specializes in enterprise communication strategies for the end user and manufacturer, as well as cloud services, SMB voice, channel development, unified communications and social media. Michels has appeared at hundreds of industry trade shows, including Enterprise Connect and Interop. He maintains a personal blog at

  • Theresa Miller

    24x7 IT Connection, LLC

    Theresa Miller has been working as an IT professional and technical expert for over 20 years, and is the founder and CEO of 24x7 IT Connection, LLC. She is a Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert, holds an MBA, and speaks frequently at industry events, including BriForum.

  • Erica Mixon

    Site Editor

    Erica Mixon is the site editor for SearchMobileComputing.

  • John Moore

    Site Editor

    John Moore is a freelance writer specializing in business and technology.

  • Jim Mortleman

    Jim Mortleman is an experienced freelance technology writer, who has been covering IT and business issues for 20 years.

  • Chris Moyer

    ACI Information Group

    Chris Moyer is an author and the vice president of technology for ACI Information Group. He has years of experience in programming with an emphasis in cloud computing.

  • Craig S. Mullins

    Mullins Consulting

  • Craig S. Mullins

    Mullins Consulting

    Craig Mullins has extensive experience in the field of database management having worked as an application developer, a DBA, and an instructor with multiple database management systems including DB2, Sybase and SQL Server.

  • Ellen Muraskin

    Ellen Muraskin has been writing about telecom and IT since 1993.

  • Olivier Ménager


  • Gina Narcisi

    Senior News Writer

  • Nayaki Nayyar


    Nayaki Nayyar is the General Manager and Global Head of IoT and Innovation GTM at SAP.

  • Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson has been in information technology for over two decades. He is a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management, Citrix CTP, and VMware vExpert.

  • Tom Nolle

    CIMI Corporation

  • Jim O'Donnell

    News Editor

    Jim O'Donnell covers all things SAP for SearchSAP and contributes to SearchManufacturingERP.

  • Jacke O'Donnell

  • Peter O'Kelly

    O'Kelly Associates

    Peter O'Kelly is an independent collaboration and data consultant for O'Kelly Associates.

  • Luke O'Neill

  • Jim O'Reilly


  • Eric Ochs


  • Gary Olsen

    Gary was named a Microsoft MVP for 12 consecutive years and is currently chairman of the annual Atlanta TechStravaganza event.

  • Gerie Owen

    Gerie Owen specializes in test-driven development.

  • Frédéric Panchaud


  • Beth Pariseau

    Senior News Writer

    Beth Pariseau is a senior news writer for the Cloud/DevOps group at TechTarget.

  • Christine Parizo

    Christine Parizo is a freelance writer specializing in business and technology.

  • Tessa Parmenter

    Site Editor

  • Matthew Pascucci

    Matthew Pascucci is a security architect, privacy advocate and security blogger. He holds many security certificates and founded Frontline Sentinel.

  • Lauren Gibbons Paul

    Lauren Gibbons Paul is a freelance writer and editor based in Newton, Mass. She specializes in business applications.

  • Brian Peasland

  • Ivan Pepelnjak

  • John Pescatore

  • Mike Pfeiffer

  • Brien Posey

  • Brien Posey

    Brien Posey is a 15-time Microsoft MVP with two decades of IT experience. He has served as a lead network engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense and as a network administrator for some of the largest insurance companies in America.

  • Trevor Pott

    eGeek Consulting

    Trevor Pott is an IT consultant and network administrator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His IT experience covers systems and network administration to help desk support.

  • John Powers

    Assistant site editor

    John Powers is the assistant site editor for SearchEnterpriseDesktop and SearchVirtualDesktop and a University of Maryland alumnus.

  • Mary K. Pratt

    Mary K. Pratt, a freelance writer based in Massachusetts, writes frequently about business management and information technology.

  • Alyssa Provazza

    Executive Editor

    Alyssa Provazza is executive editor for TechTarget's Access e-zine and End-User Computing sites. Previously at TechTarget, Alyssa was the site editor for and

  • Florence Puybareau

  • Dave Raffo

    Senior News Director

  • Amy Reichert

    Amy Reichert is a seasoned software tester with 16 years of experience, including five years of Team Lead experience.

  • Abie Reifer


  • Kathleen Richards

    Information Security

  • Steve Ricketts

    Taneja Group

    Steve Ricketts is a senior analyst and consultant with Taneja Group, where he analyzes IT infrastructures, including data protection and object storage.

  • Ulrike Rieß

    Senior Online Editor

    Ulrike Rieß arbeitet seit 20 Jahren als Journalistin in der Speicherbranche und berichtet sowohl über Enterprise- als auch Consumer-Produkte.

  • Dan Ring

    News Writer

    Dan Ring covers finance and HR technology for He was Statehouse bureau chief in Boston for several daily newspapers.

  • Scott Robinson


  • Linda Rosencrance

    Linda Rosencrance is a freelance writer and editor in the Boston area.

  • Margaret Rouse

    Margaret Rouse est l’éditrice de, l’encyclopédie et centre d’apprentissage IT en ligne de TechTarget.

  • Anne-Marie Rouzeré

  • Jean-François Ruiz

  • La Rédaction

  • Scott Sachs

    SJS Solutions

    Scott Sachs is president of SJS Solutions, a consultancy that specializes in the development and deployment of contact center technology.

  • Mark Samuels

    Mark Samuels is a business journalist specialising in CIO and IT leadership issues

  • Cliff Saran

    Managing Editor

    Cliff Saran is the managing editor (technology) on Computer Weekly magazine responsible for commissioning, writing and overseeing the magazine strategy concerning all matters relating to technology from up-and-coming research and development to systems management challenges and legacy support and maintenance.

  • Ed Scannell

    Senior Executive Editor

  • Ed Scannell

    Senior Executive Editor

    Ed Scannell is a Senior Executive Editor of TechTarget's Data Center and Virtualization media group.

  • Jesse Scardina

    News Writer, Business Applications

    Jesse Scardina is a news writer covering business applications for, focusing primarily on Salesforce and other CRM providers.

  • Karen Scarfone

    Scarfone Cybersecurity

  • Stan Schneider

    Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

    Stan Schneider is CEO of Real-Time Innovations (RTI).

  • Matt Schulz


    Matt Schulz is the senior mobile channel manager at USAA.

  • Matt Schulz


    Matt Schulz ist Senior Mobile Channel Manager bei USAA, wo er sich auf mobile Strategie, Innovation und Verbesserung des Kundenerlebnisses konzentriert. Zuvor führte Matt das Field Mobility Program bei American Family Insurance, wo er sich mit mobiler Strategie, Netzwerken und Geschäftsabläufen beschäftigte.

  • Alex Scroxton


  • Alex Scroxton

    Networking Editor

  • Yann Serra


  • Yann Serra

    Yann Serra deckt bei der französischen Zeitschrift TechTarget/LeMagIT die Bereiche Netzwerke, Virtualisierung und Server ab. Er hat bereits im Alter von 16 Jahren als Computer-Journalist begonnen, damals bei einer Spielzeitschrift für Armstrad-Rechner.

  • Dave Shackleford

    Voodoo Security

    Dave Shackleford is the founder and principal consultant with Voodoo Security, as well as a SANS analyst, instructor, and course author and GIAC technical director.

  • Mary E. Shacklett

    Transworld Data

  • Rob Shapland

    First Base Technologies LLP

    Rob Shapland is an ethical hacker specializing in cloud security, social engineering and delivering cybersecurity training to companies worldwide.

  • Esther Shein

    Esther Shein is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in several online and print publications.

  • Robert Sheldon

  • Robert Sheldon

    Robert Sheldon, technical consultant and freelance technology writer, has written numerous books, articles and training materials.

  • Rick Sherman

    Athena IT Solutions

    Rick Sherman is the founder and managing partner of Athena IT Solutions, a Maynard. Mass.-based firm that provides data warehouse, BI and data management consulting services. In addition to having more than 30 years of experience in the business, Sherman is an author, a frequent speaker at industry events and a part-time lecturer at Northeastern University's Graduate School of Engineering.

  • Joel Shore

    News Writer

  • Frank Siemons


    Frank Siemons is an IT security expert based in Australia. His track record consists of many years of systems and security administration.

  • Valerie Silverthorne

    Senior News & Feature Writer

  • Scott Sinclair

    Enterprise Strategy Group

    Scott Sinclair is a storage analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group in Austin, Texas.

  • Jessica Sirkin

    Jessica Sirkin is the former associate site editor for SearchOracle and SearchSQLServer. She previously was a managing editor at SAPexperts, and she also has written for Data Informed and Knowledge@Wharton.

  • Carol Sliwa

    Senior Writer

  • Carol Sliwa

    Senior Writer

    Carol Sliwa is a Senior Writer with

  • Joel Snyder

    Opus One

    Learn about Dr. Joel Snyder, an internationally recognized telecommunications and network security expert. Browse his archive of information security articles.

  • Jason Sparapani

    Features Writer

  • Eric St-Jean

  • Beth Stackpole

  • Jan Stafford

    Features Writer

    Jan has covered the computer industry for more than 20 years, writing about everything from personal computers to operating systems to server virtualization to application development.

  • Marc Staimer

    Dragon Slayer Consulting

  • Jeremy Stanley

    Site Editor

    Jeremy is the associate site editor for

  • Craig Stedman

    Senior Executive Editor

    Craig Stedman is senior executive editor of TechTarget Inc.'s information management websites, including SearchBusinessAnalytics, SearchDataManagement, SearchOracle and SearchSQLServer.

  • Geneva Stephens


  • Kelly M. Stewart

    Assistant Site Editor

    Kelly is the assistant site editor for the End User Computing media group. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College with experience in journalism and social media.

  • Robert Sturt

    The Network Union

  • Peter Sullivan

  • Dan Sullivan

    Dan Sullivan is an author, systems architect, and consultant with over 20 years of IT experience. He creates tips and advice about cloud computing.

  • Shaun Sutner

    News Director

  • Greg Sypolt


    Greg, a senior engineer at Gannett, is a long-time test automation evangelist. Recently, he has focused on automated test strategies, testing frameworks and tools.

  • Darryl K. Taft

    News writer

    Darryl K. Taft is a news writer, covering DevOps and vendor news for TechTarget's applications development websites.

  • Aaron Tan


    Aaron is a seasoned media and information professional with over a decade of experience in journalism and information management at leading media companies and government organisations.

  • Arun Taneja

    Taneja Group

  • Twain Taylor

    Twain Taylor is a technology journalist with a keen focus on DevOps. His background includes technical support and application development.

  • David A. Teich

    Teich Communications

    David A. Teich is principal consultant at Teich Communications, a technology consulting and marketing services company that focuses on the business of IT.

  • Patrick Thibodeau

    News Writer

    Patrick Thibodeau reports on HR and ERP technologies. He has covered IT for more than two decades and has won numerous ASBPE journalism awards.

  • Andrew Till

    HARMAN Connected Services

    Andrew Till is the Vice President for Technology, Partnerships & New Solutions for HARMAN Connected Services.

  • Ed Tittel

    Ed tittel a travaillé pendant 30 ans comme développeur et responsable développement, consultant réseau, formateur et concepteur de cours, ainsi qu'évangéliste technologique pour plusieurs sociétés.

  • Ed Tittel

    Ed Tittel has worked for over 30 years as a software developer and development manager, a networking consultant, a trainer and course developer, and a technical evangelist for several companies.

  • Jon Toigo

    Toigo Partners International

    Jon Toigo is a veteran planner who has assisted more than 100 companies in the development and testing of their continuity plans.

  • Kevin Tolly

    The Tolly Group

    Kevin Tolly is the founder of The Tolly Group, a leading provider of third-party validation/testing services for over two decades.

  • Chris Tozzi

    Fixate IO

    Chris Tozzi is an editor and DevOps analyst at Fixate IO. He has a particular focus on open source, Agile infrastructure and networking.

  • Benny Tritsch

    Benny Tritsch is a solutions architect, market analyst, community leader, author, and founder of

  • Sue Troy

    Editorial Director

    As Editorial Director of TechTarget's CIO, IT Strategy and Channel Media Group, Sue Troy steers the editorial coverage of,, and

  • Linda Tucci

    Executive Editor

    Linda Tucci is executive editor for TechTarget's CIO/IT Strategy media group.

  • Dave Turbide

    David Turbide is an independent supply chain and ERP consultant.

  • Jessica Twentyman

    Jessica Twentyman is a journalist with a 20-year track record as both a writer and editor on national newspapers and IT trade titles.

  • Jack Vaughan

    News and Site Editor

  • Jack Vaughan

    Senior News Writer

    Senior news writer Jack Vaughan writes stories and helps oversee editorial coverage for SearchDataManagement, SearchOracle and SearchSQLServer.

  • Mike O. Villegas


    Miguel O. "Mike" Villegas is an enterprise security management expert currently serving as vice president for K3DES LLC.

  • Steve Weissman

    Holly Group

    Steve Weissman has a 20-year track record of successfully helping organizations derive maximum total value from their information products.

  • Jim Whalen

    Taneja Group

    Jim Whalen is a senior analyst at Taneja Group where he focuses on data protection, backup and cloud technologies.

  • Russ White

    Russ White has more than 20 years' experience in designing, deploying, breaking and troubleshooting large-scale networks.

  • Alyssa Wood

  • Rob Wright

    Associate Editorial Director

  • Bas van Kaam

    Bas van Kaam is a freelance blogger and Sr. Business Consultant at Dutch startup Salomon IT Solutions.

  • Sander van Vugt

    Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu

    Sander van Vugt is an independent Linux trainer and consultant based in the Netherlands, as well as the author of more than 50 books.

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